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April 2015

Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Trace Beaulieu And Frank Conniff

Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff are writers and actors best known for their work on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

At the American Atheists 2015 convention in Memphis, Tennessee, Jessica spoke with Trace and Frank about the genesis of MST3K, what they think about podcasts, and whether it’s tough to be known only for the show rather than their other projects.

(Image via Tim Dorr on Flickr)

Megan Fox, Evolution Exhibit “Auditer”

Megan Fox is the apparent evolution-denier who “debunked” a science exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History and posted the video on YouTube.

In a long, far-ranging, and sometimes infuriating interview, we talked about the reactions to her “audit” videos, whether her gender plays a role in the backlash, and why she doesn’t consider herself a Creationist.

We also discussed why she believes not censoring the Internet in a local library’s adult section sanctions “taxpayer funded access to child porn.” (In response to her battle with the Orland Park Public Library, readers of this site raised nearly $7,000 for the library’s general fund.)


Here’s a link to Lindy West‘s story on This American Life.

Here are a couple of the articles the Chicago Tribune wrote about Fox’s battle with the library. However, Fox believes that these articles tell a more honest version of the events.

You can also see Fox’s video of our conversation beginning here (other parts to follow).

Jason Heap, Executive Director of the United Coalition of Reason

Jason Heap is the Executive Director of the United Coalition of Reason, an organization that has placed billboards promoting local atheist groups all over the country. He is also trying to become the first Humanist chaplain in the United States Armed Forces.

I spoke with Jason about the strategy behind putting up non-aggressive billboards, how he left the evangelical Christian faith he was raised in, and why politicians are working so hard to prevent Humanists from becoming officially-recognized chaplains.

Quick note: At one point, Jason brought up a Fox News host who said that atheists who didn’t want to say the Pledge of Allegiance could leave the country. He said it was Kimberly Guilfoyle; it was actually Dana Perino.