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June 2015

Matt Dillahunty, Master Debater and Co-Host of The Atheist Experience

Matt Dillahunty is a former fundamentalist Christian who now debates religious apologists. He was the President of the Atheist Community of Austin for several years and co-hosts The Atheist Experience call-in show. He recently began a video series teaching viewers how to respond to frequently-used apologist arguments.

Jessica spoke with Matt about his religious upbringing, why he loves debates, and what he sees as the future of faith.

Dianna E. Anderson, Purity Culture Critic

Dianna E. Anderson grew up in South Dakota, and after stints as an English teacher in Japan and a radio producer in Chicago, she’s turned her focus to writing.

Her first book, out now, is called Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity and it’s all about the intersection of the church and sexuality.

We spoke with Dianna about why sex is often seen as shameful in parts of Christianity, what conversations the broader evangelical culture is having about sex, and whether the church can ever become sex-positive. Lots of sex. #Sex

Jessica Hagy, Cartoonist and Author of The Art of War Visualized

Jessica Hagy is a cartoonist and writer best known for her insightful and hilarious webcomic Indexed, in which she draws charts and Venn diagrams connecting completely different ideas and getting us to think about them in different ways.

Her latest book is The Art of War Visualized. It’s the Sun Tzu classic reworked and with illustrations.

During a recent stop in Chicago, we spoke about her career change from copywriter to professional author/illustrator, where she finds inspiration for her work, and how her cartoons made their way into my math classes.