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January 2017

Donald Trump’s First Week in Office

We (Hemant and Jessica) discussed the first week of the Donald Trump presidency.

We spoke about the Women’s March (and whether they were right to push aside anti-abortion groups), whether religious pandering still matters in politics, and what Trump did in his first week in office.


The New York Timesannotated inaugural address transcript.

POLITICO’s breakdown of Trump’s first week.

Adam Ruins Everything video.

Information about Texas’ maternal mortality rate.

Bonus link: Action points for the First 100 days.

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Maggie Garrett, Legislative Director for Americans United

Maggie Garrett is the Legislative Director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

She leads the National Coalition for Public Education (NCPE), which opposes school voucher legislation, and is the chair of the Coalition Against Religious Discrimination (CARD), the national coalition fighting to repeal the Bush Faith-Based Initiative.

On the day of Donald Trump‘s inauguration, we spoke about the church/state issues affecting his Cabinet nominees, what a future Supreme Court might look like, and whether a right-wing government is good for groups like Americans United.

Rebecca Hensler, Founder of Grief Beyond Belief

Rebecca Hensler is the founder of Grief Beyond Belief, a Facebook group devoted to faith-free grief support for those who have just lost a loved one.

We spoke about how honesty about death can be comforting for atheists, what she would say to religious people who want to help atheists grieve but say the wrong things, and her go-to resources for secular people coping with loss.


When it’s up and running, there’s a website for the group.

Galen Broaddus, Secular Celebrant and Lawsuit Winner

Galen Broaddus is a writer, web developer, and occasional secular activist currently living in the flatlands of central Illinois. He just won a lawsuit that will allow Secular Celebrants to solemnize weddings in the state.

I spoke with Galen about why this lawsuit was necessary, what services he provides families as a Celebrant, and why some atheists wish he never took on this battle at all.


If you’re in Illinois, you can book Galen right here.

If you’re anywhere in the country, here’s where you can find a Secular Celebrant for your own ceremonies.