Goodbye, Stephen Hawking

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The people who think Stephen Hawking is burning in Hell. (0:18)

— PA Republican House candidate Rick Saccone claimed his critics “have a hatred for God.” Nope. He’s confusing God with Donald Trump. (13:55)

— Trump supporters who continue to support him. (17:05)

— Christian author claims transgender activists are urging lesbians to keep going and “become trans.” (21:14)

Tony Perkins says liberals are using Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels to “shame” politically active evangelicals. (25:29)

— Congressional Republicans are trying to stop the Navy from appointing a Humanist Chaplain. (30:48)

— The Kansas commissioner who told atheists to go to Hell. (41:43)

— An Alabama Republican legislator doesn’t want to arm teachers (yay) because most of them are women (wut). (45:23)

— The pastor who once said women don’t control their bodies because they belong to God. (48:36)

— Evangelical Christian Matt Barber says the Academy Awards didn’t honor Rev. Billy Graham because “they hate him.” (53:19)

— Pastor with “debilitating” disease sued by insurers after they discover her incriminating Facebook posts. (57:39)

— We answer a listener’s question! (1:01:45)

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