The Mike Pence Rule Strikes Again in a Sheriff’s Office

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— In New Zealand, evangelicals have a “trust” problem. (0:36)

Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s thoughtless tweet after last week’s mass shootings. (6:30)

Donald Trump hammed it up for a picture with the baby who’s now an orphan because of Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric. (21:45)

— This Ohio lawmaker blamed the Dayton mass shooting on everything and everyone except guns. (26:59)

Mike Huckabee thinks more Jesus will prevent mass shootings. (29:29)

— A Christian Cross in a Pennsylvania county’s logo isn’t promoting Christianity, a court says. (34:11)

— A Christian sheriff says he was fired for his faith. It’s actually because he wouldn’t train a woman. (39:35)

Mike Pence has some horribly worded post-shooting advice. (46:00)

— Does the Mormon Church deserve to be sued for lying to people? (48:15)

— Most Catholics don’t believe in Eucharist, so why are they Catholic? (54:55)

— Conservatives always offer “thoughts and prayers” in response to guns but never abortion. (1:02:26)

Joe Biden made a Bidenlike gaffe. (1:04:40)

— The Boy Scouts have been sued for acting like the Catholic Church. (1:06:02)

— Wanna do battle in the Times mini-crossword? Bring it.

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