The DNC Acknowledged the Humanity of Atheists

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A grocery store cashier is being hailed as a Christian martyr for making lines longer. (4:11)

— Carroll County, MD finally accepted that their Christian prayers at meetings were illegal. It’ll cost them $125,000. (6:28)

— In Bangladesh, women no longer have to declare themselves virgins on their marriage licenses. (13:50)

— An atheist resigned from a Virginia women-focused committee after her old anti-religion tweets came to light. (15:22)

Jerry Falwell, Jr. A handsome young man. A generous business deal. No, not the Pool Boy. This is another one. (21:05)

— A preacher said he saw two babies raised from the dead in the past week. Don’t bother looking for video. (30:14)

— A MI candidate for city council withdrew after backlash for saying she wanted a white community. (34:50)

— The Democratic Party passed a resolution acknowledging the values of non-religious Americans. Somehow, this is controversial. (40:20)

— A New Mexico city is trying to crowdfund its legal bills over an illegal Ten Commandments monument. It’s not going well. (45:47)

— A lawsuit against Ark Encounter says the Creationists didn’t pay their fair share of taxes, hurting local schools. (49:37)

— Kentucky will have to pay $225,000 for Kim Davis’ bigotry. And Davis herself may be held liable for it. (55:22)

— An appeals court says it’s legal for the Pennsylvania State House to block atheists from giving invocations. (57:20)

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