Some Christians Want a Deadly Easter

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Kansas lawmakers are trying to make sure Christians can kill citizens for Easter. (2:06)

— Georgia cops arrested Christians who gathered in defiance of social distancing orders. (6:00)

— Here are some very creative ways to stop Christians from gathering in churches. (9:03)

— Some Christians really don’t like that adult sites are giving away free high-quality content. (12:41)

— Most pastors think Jesus will return in their lifetimes. (15:47)

— Mississippi, having nothing else to do, is celebrating Confederate Heritage Month. (18:15)

— With Mike Pence nearby, Dr. Anthony Fauci praised gay people who suffered through the AIDS crisis. (25:49)

— A Utah man cashed a fraudulent check… and said he thought it was a gift from God. (28:29)

Jerry Falwell, Jr. wants to arrest reporters who report at Liberty University. (30:31)

Pope Francis said COVID-19 is nature’s revenge on us for our ignorance of climate change. (35:20)

— Here’s the complicated story of a Christian missionary who “played doctor” in Uganda. (40:36)

— The U.S. government is using taxpayer money to pay for pastors’ salaries. (46:23)

Cardinal George Pell is a free man, despite his sex abuse conviction. (53:45)

— Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis explained how to use gloves in the worst possible way. (58:18)

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