These Christian First Date Questions Are Scary

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The Nebraska GOP is trying to hurt a Republican primary challenger by suggesting she’s an atheist. (0:31)

— The Christian Moms are mad at the cartoon Duck Tales for showing a gay couple. (8:27)

— These are awful questions for a first date, brought to you by a Christian fundamentalist. And this video of a first kiss is frightening. (14:45)

— A pro-bleach church may be advising Trump because we’re a nation of idiots. (24:33)

— Ark Encounter ticket sales have plummeted for obvious reasons. (28:39)

“ReOpen Church” Day is a horrible idea. (30:36)

— Donations to churches have fallen dramatically. What does this mean for their future? (35:49)

— Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says dying isn’t the worst thing. So thanks for that. (38:15)

— Scotland will soon abolish its blasphemy law! (47:02)

— The U.S. Army removed proselytizing videos from Facebook that were posted to a base’s official page. (49:09)

— Surprise! The anti-viral drug FOX News and Trump were raving about without scientific support… doesn’t work. (53:25)

— Televangelist Pat Robertson knows exactly who to blame for COVID-19: Gays, the abortion people, and anyone who’s anti-Israel. (56:58)

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