The GOP’s 2020 Platform is a Gift to the Christian Right

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The Trump administration finalized a rule that allows doctors to deny care to transgender people. (1:14)

— A Christian group leader says America is not racist… because interracial marriages are going up. (11:46)

— The GOP’s 2020 platform is a gift to the Christian Right. (17:55)

— Should a pastor receive any sort of backlash for liking a right-wing blowhard’s tweets? (28:32)

— Former Black staffers at Liberty University are trying to help others leave due to Jerry Falwell, Jr.‘s racism. (47:08)

— Creationist Kent Hovind wants half a billion dollars’ worth of revenge against the U.S. government. (50:11)

— Want to vote early in Tennessee? This secular church is eager to help you. (59:46)

— A Tennessee bill would allow kids to skip an hour of school each day to go to church. (1:04:15)

— An Ohio Republican lawmaker suggested COVID disproportionately affects Black people because they don’t wash their hands. (1:10:00)

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