A Creationist’s Misguided Guide to Nasal Bones

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Creationist says we have nasal bones because God knew we’d have glasses. (0:50)

— Is it weird that a GOP congressman bragged to a Jewish publication about his attempts to convert Jews? (4:50)

— “FOX News Republicans” says white Christians have it worse than everyone else. (12:42)

— A pastor says a COVID vaccine would remove God from your DNA. (22:05)

— Should a pastor who avoided talking about Donald Trump get credit for it now? (26:20)

— The West Virginia Supreme Court says it’s okay for churches to lie about sexual predators. (34:51)

— An anti-abortion activist wants people to defy lockdowns. Because irony is dead. (41:08)

— Actress Melissa McCarthy gave a donation to a bigoted Christian group… then rescinded it after she learned better. (46:00)

— A Tennessee mayor allegedly says he won’t support a mask mandate unless God tells him it’s okay. (51:30)

— Hawaii eliminated Christian propaganda from its education curriculum. (1:01:46)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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