Conservative Blasts Dr. Fauci for Being a Humanist

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— A conservative writer says Dr. Anthony Fauci can’t be trusted because “he’s a humanist.” (3:20)

— A car caravan blocked Christian preacher Sean Feucht‘s COVID-spreading rally in Los Angeles. (11:25

— 400 Liberty U. students want to see the Falkirk Center shut down. (14:58)

— A leader of the Catholic Church in Germany says reform on LGBTQ rights and ordaining women is necessary. (20:35)

— There was a COVID outbreak in a Bible Study group on Martha’s Vineyard because the leader allegedly told people to trust Jesus over masks. (27:45)

Donald Trump issued a proclamation honoring Saint Thomas Becket. It has problems. (33:10)

— A Pennsylvania public transit system owes a lot of cash after rejecting an atheist group’s ad. (46:46)

— An Idaho pub faced backlash for helping out with a Satanic group’s fundraiser for personal hygiene products. (56:25)

— The Mormon Church is being sued by former boy scouts for allegedly covering up sex abuse. (1:00:47)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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