The Hypocrisy of an Anti-Gay Republican

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson voted *against* a bill to protect same-sex weddings… then attended his gay son’s wedding. (1:52)

— Why is Ted Haggard back in the news? (13:07)

— The Church of Scientology wants to enforce religious arbitration clauses in its contracts… against people who left the faith. (26:45)

— Among Gen Z, women are less likely to be religious than men! (40:05)

— With the Supreme Court getting rid of the Lemon Test, a previous church/state separation victory was wiped off the books. (46:15)

— A Kentucky judge temporarily protected abortion access, saying that the state’s anti-abortion laws were “theocratic” and therefore illegal. (1:00:48)

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