Jesus Wants to do WHAT to the Church?!

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Christian pastor wrote the most WTF essay about Jesus penetrating the church. (0:57)

— A Catholic non-profit spent millions of dollars to track the whereabouts of gay priests. (32:35)

— An Arizona school board rightly ended its contract with an anti-LGBTQ Christian college. (48:25)

— An employee of Catholic Charities has sued the group for its hyper-realistic active shooter drill. (58:37)

— This is going to be the worst conference ever. (1:07:00)

— Why is a taxpayer-funded tourism group in Kentucky promoting Creationism? (1:15:05)

— The Supreme Court won’t weigh in on a police-led Christian prayer vigil… yet. (1:20:35)

— A Tennessee bill would let county clerks refuse to sign same-sex and interracial marriage licenses. (1:36:50)

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