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Rabia Chaudry, Catalyst for the Serial Podcast

Rabia Chaudry is an attorney who specializes in immigration law, a National Security Fellow at the New America Foundation, and President of the Safe Nation Collaborative, an organization that, among other things, consults with federal agencies about how to counter violent extremism. She writes at

But you may know her best because she’s the person who brought the story of Adnan Syed to reporter Sarah Koenig, resulting in the Serial podcast phenomenon. Rabia’s little brother was Adnan’s best friend and their families were also close.

(I should point out that we taped this episode the day before the final episode aired. Rabia reflected on the final episode and entire series in this article for TIME.)

We spoke with Rabia about what she learned from Serial that she didn’t know before, her relationship with Sarah Koenig, and whether she was compelled to respond to the misinformation about Adnan online.