Ray Comfort, Evangelist and Producer of The Atheist Delusion

Ray Comfort is the founder and CEO of Living Waters. He’s written dozens of books, co-hosted “The Way of the Master” with Kirk Cameron, and produced several movies including Audacity and Evolution vs. God. He recently released Fat Chance (subtitle: Why Pigs Will Fly Before America has an Atheist President) and the movie The Atheist Delusion.

Rather than have a debate about God’s existence, Ray and I spoke about whether Christians must accept a literal interpretation of Genesis, what he thinks will happen if atheists are elected to political office, and what might change his mind about Christianity.

Also: Crocoducks.


If you have no idea what the Crocoduck is, here’s your introduction.

My review of The Atheist Delusion was not kind.

Here’s my assessment of the Reason Rally.

Emma Green, Senior Associate Editor at The Atlantic

Emma Green is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic, where she covers politics, policy, and religion.

We spoke with her about how Democrats appeared to be the Party of God during their recent convention, what stood out while reporting and editing The Atlantic‘s recent series on young people choosing their religions, and what she would report on with unlimited time and an unlimited budget.


The pastor who spoke at the Democratic National Convention and whose name escaped me was Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II. You can read more about his sermon right here.

Emma brought up this compelling story by Menachem Wecker about Zoroastrians who go to great lengths to date each other because there are so few of them.

Tracey Moody’s Visit to Ark Encounter

Tracey Moody, a frequent contributor to FriendlyAtheist.com and co-moderator of the Friendly Atheist Facebook page, went to Ark Encounter (the Noah’s Ark theme park) in Kentucky on opening day to find out what a $100 million attraction looks like.

We spoke about the atheist protest outside the Ark, the exhibits inside of it (including one about how they removed all the excrement), and whether it’s worth visiting just for the sake of curiosity.


We referred to several posts and videos Tracey made while she was there. Here’s a brief list:

  • Scenes from Ark Encounter’s Opening Day (Outside the Ark) (Link)
  • Scenes from Ark Encounter’s Opening Day (Inside the Ark) (Link)
  • Ken Ham: If Students Visit Ark Encounter As Part of a Field Trip, I’ll Only Charge Them $1 (Link)
  • Ark Encounter’s Official Attendance Numbers Are Far Below What Creationists Expected (Link)
  • Ken Ham Isn’t a Big Bad Ogre: Why I Feel Bad About Ark Encounter (Link)

And here, at long last, is the picture of Tracey and the dog: