Richard Dawkins’ Cultural Christianity Carelessness

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— This pastor’s wedding night “joke” epitomizes Christian sexism. (0:40)

Richard Dawkins says Christianity is “fundamentally decent,” but Islam “is not.” (18:42)

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— Prominent Christians falsely claim Biden chose Easter to honor trans people. (34:13)

Donald Trump is now selling a Bible that a Christian publisher walked away from in 2021. (41:13)

— New York prisoners, led by atheist, sue state in order to see solar eclipse. (48:28)

— Christians erect (another) $240,000 cross in Mississippi. (1:03:18)

After ruining a school district, Christians in Colorado want to “take over” a city council. (1:09:40)

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