Noelle George, Founder of Secular Avenue

Noelle George is a secular activist interested in making a tangible difference in the world, rather than simply arguing about religion behind a keyboard. She founded the SECULAR Center in Houston and is the Director of Special Projects for Foundation Beyond Belief (a group I work with). But her latest endeavor is aimed at helping those people who most need it.

It’s called Secular Avenue. The group will assist those who are unsafe at home because they are no longer religious, living under religious extremism, victims of domestic abuse, or coming out as LGBTQ. Secular Avenue will offer those people financial help, counseling, and legal assistance, among other things.

We spoke with Noelle about how people in need can get help, what we can do to pitch in, and why it’s so important for atheists to find a way to volunteer.

Check out our longer interview with Noelle and please consider making a donation to her organization.

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