Jocelyn Floyd, Attorney with the Thomas More Society

Jocelyn Floyd is an attorney working with the Thomas More Society, a non-profit group that usually defends religious liberty cases. As a frame of reference, they’re usually on the other side of the Freedom From Religion Foundation on the issues. She also serves as a board member for the Northern Illinois chapter of the Christian Legal Society.

I spoke with Jocelyn about Nativity scenes on government property, the need for anonymity in lawsuits, and Kim Davis.


We discussed one particular Nativity scene outside the Franklin County Courthouse in Indiana. You can read more about that case right here.

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  • Reply Patrick October 13, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    Ms. Floyd is wrong when she asserted that if someone doesn’t want to put their name on a complaint themselves that it’s wrong of them to go to the FFRF and ask them to file a complaint on their behalf. I live in Tennessee and our state government is rife with theists overstepping their legal bounds, thumbing their noses at the Constitution, and generally acting like this is a Christian state and that Atheists are not welcome.

    Recently I asked the FFRF to get involved with an issue concerning prayer and bible study in the State House of Representatives. I did not want my name on the official complaint because I live here in TN, and I have already been the victim of hatred, vandalism, and attempted intimidation at the hands of Christians.

    Ms. Floyd, I DO care enough to get involved, but I also have to live with these “good” people all around me and they have already proven that they will retaliate against anyone who is not in their group.

    Vigilant in TN

  • Reply Lynette October 14, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    I actually agree with her comments about FFRF. I used to listen to the podcast all the time, and they always came across as an organization that dislike seeing religion in the public sphere. That’s not the reason why I stopped following them, but as soon as your guest said that, I instinctively nodded.

  • Reply Neon Genesis October 17, 2015 at 2:20 am

    I tried listening to this interview but I just couldn’t get past the first ten minutes of it. It seemed hypocritical to me that this guest claimed to be all for supporting free speech for everyone yet she seemed to go out of her way to come up with excuses for why atheists shouldn’t have the same free speech rights as religious people. That she couldn’t understand why an atheist would want to participate in an invocation while bragging about violating the first amendment from putting up nativity scenes on government property was just so astounding to me. If she truly believes the free market of ideas should decide what free speech wins out on top, I don’t know why she seems so terrified of the idea of atheists having free speech rights on government property.

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