Evan Clark, Consultant for Openly Atheist Politicians

Evan Clark is the founder and creative director of Spectrum Experience, the nation’s first private Humanist consulting firm that has also been behind the campaigns of several atheists running for local, state, and federal office. His candidates just had a wildly successful primary day in Arizona this past week. Evan is also chair of the Secular Student Alliance and co-host of the Humanist Experience podcast.

We spoke about how he began Spectrum Experience, the most strategic ways for atheists to run for office, and why coming out as non-religious matters in politics.


Religion News Service just ran a great article on the work of Evan and his business partner Serah Blain.

Here’s information on 2014 congressional candidate James Woods and his clever response to a pro-life questionnaire.

You can read about Arizona State Rep. Jean Mendez‘s godless invocation right here.

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