Eric Trump Thinks We’re All “United on God”

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Eric Trump is mad Democrats didn’t stand up for God during the State of the Union. An atheist lawyer schooled him on why that happened. (0:32)

— Wait for it. Donald Trump says he’s not a feminist. (8:15)

— Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered powerful remarks against religious bigotry. (10:28)

— A Texas legislator wants to ban abortions so women learn to be “more personally responsible.” (15:15)

— A televangelist says we don’t need to get flu shots because Jesus got one for all of us. (21:05)

— What does the chair for the academic study of atheism do? (26:55)

— Are men threatened by intelligent women? (30:35)

— This is how Christian groups trick public schools into handing them fresh meat. (33:05)

Mel Gibson is making a sequel to Passion of the Christ. Because why the hell not. (40:48)

— A gay Mormon who married a woman is getting divorced because (wait for it) he’s still gay. (47:15)

— Why won’t this New Zealand church tell me if they approved an advertisement calling their pastor hot? (57:00)

David Brooks is wrong. Democrats shouldn’t adopt anti-abortion policies to win elections. (59:47)

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