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March 2018

FABLES Ep. 1 – Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Welcome to the first episode of the Friendly Atheist Bonus Listeners Entertainment Show (or FABLES).

We’re releasing this one on the public feed; all future episodes will only go to Patreon subscribers.

For this debut episode, Jess sits down with her bestie from college and they discuss Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. Along the way they also discuss their friendship origin story, their Cool Girl (TM) roots, and what it means to be a feminist.

New episodes will be released monthly.

Even Country Music Stars Oppose Mike Huckabee

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Tennessee’s Lt. Gov. is telling voters to reject an atheist candidate because she’s “dangerous.” (1:07)

— Even country music stars want nothing to do with Mike Huckabee. (10:40)

Rep. Blake Farenthold hasn’t paid an $84,000 harassment settlement, leaving the bill for taxpayers. (18:25)

Billy Graham‘s body didn’t deserve to lay in the Capitol rotunda, nor should his statue go up in National Statuary Hall. (23:25)

— The Department of Health and Human Services is a disaster for LGBTQ people. (28:45)

— A bill in Michigan to extend the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse is getting resistance from — wait for it — the Catholic Church. (37:59)

— There are times when we don’t need to condemn people sending their thoughts and prayers, like when actor Chris Pratt said it after director Kevin Smith‘s heart attack. (43:26)

— Want to coach football at Louisiana College? Make sure your mother isn’t Jewish. (49:13)

— Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis just published a book. Should be a very interesting paragraph. (52:10)

— Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been accused of sexual harassment. Because of course he has. (57:05)

— Here’s an interesting art project by a student at Brigham Young University. (59:22)

— We answer a listener’s question! (1:02:54)

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