The Pope’s Trip to Ireland Was a Bust

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Donald Trump held a dinner party for conservative Christian leaders, screwed up a quotation, and urged pastors to tell their congregations how to vote. (6:22)

— The Pope’s visit to Ireland was not nearly as popular as organizers expected. (13:51)

— A critic of the Pope says he knew about the abuse and did nothing… but the messenger has problems of his own. (18:02)

Louis CK is performing again… what does that say about #MeToo? (27:35)

— A critic of Mormon “masturbation interviews” is being threatened with excommunication. 32:34)

— Who installed a Scientology kiosk in a Hollywood police station? (40:45)

— A girl was stabbed at a high school after rejecting a boy’s advances. (44:25)

— A 9-year-old boy killed himself after being bullied for being gay. (46:49)

— 97-year-old televangelist Ernest Angley is being sued for all kinds of creepy abuse. (48:57)

— Russian bots wanted to increase hostilities on both sides of the vaccine “debate.” (56:09)

— A preacher who went viral for speaking in tongues now says we weren’t meant to see that. (57:44)

— Forget the “Nones.” Say hello to the “Solidly Seculars.” (1:02:24)

— How many victims of the Catholic Church do we not know about? (1:12:50)

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