The Counterprotest in Tulsa

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— This is a great way to respond to an anti-abortion protest outside a high school. (0:45)

— A 9-year-old girl protesting the National Anthem… in Australia. And she has a good point. (6:20)

— Republican candidates’ old videos are catching up to them in their races. (11:36)

— What is causing Hurricane Florence? These Christians have all the (wrong) ideas. (24:35)

— Here’s the biggest problem with the atheist character on God Friended Me. (30:23)

— Should pro-Christian advertisements be allowed on high school football fields? (38:39)

— North Carolina Republicans shelved scientists’ recommendations about dealing with rising sea levels. (44:12)

— A Christian college won’t let a student finish his degree because he’s openly gay. (47:45)

Pope Francis referred to The Great Accuser (Satan) when discussing the sex abuse scandal. (53:25)

— Should you pay money to see a psychic even if you know it’s not real? (1:02:28)

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