Trump Celebrates the “Abolition of Civil Rights”

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Donald Trump accidentally praised religious leaders for achieving the “abolition of civil rights” during the National Prayer Breakfast. (1:18)

— A TN lawmaker says taxpayer-funded abortions violate the law because they’re an endorsement of the “religion” of Secular Humanism. (4:00)

— A cross washed up on a Florida beach… so of course it’s supernatural. (9:00)

— Democrats are debating “In God We Trust” when administering oaths in House subcommittees, and one decided to do away with the phrase altogether. (12:20)

— Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson says he doesn’t need health care because God made us all immortal. (16:19)

— In Arizona, the specialty “In God We Trust” license plate is funding a Christian hate group. (20:40)

Hemant is giving an atheist invocation at a county council meeting! (27:10)

— New Jersey will begin teaching LGBT history in public schools. (30:32)

— A gay atheist in Poland just launched his own political party to push back against Catholic influence. (33:06)

— Michigan’s attorney general just pulled the state out of three church/state separation lawsuits on which they were fighting for the wrong side. (36:13)

Pope Francis, for the first time, acknowledged the ongoing sexual abuse of nuns by priests. (38:35)

— A judge said a 13-year-old girl was the “aggressor” in a sexual abuse crime involving a 67-year-old man. (41:45)

— A 24/7 Dutch church service meant to protect refugees finally ended after the policy in question changed. (42:24)

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