An Atheist Invocation Doesn’t Need Follow-Up

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Once again, an atheist invocation by an Arizona legislator was rebuked by a Christian who couldn’t handle it. (0:45)

— An investigation found rampant abuse among Southern Baptist churches. (7:00)

— A Nebraska lawmaker wants atheists to promote religion in order to keep everyone “in line.” (18:06)

Don’t shake the hand of this FOX News host. (27:18)

— A theologian claimed that female pastors are as bad as sex offender pastors. (31:14)

— The MAGA hat-wearing boys from Covington Catholic did nothing wrong, says an investigation commissioned by Covington Catholic. (32:39)

— A Christian school told female dancers to bind their breasts before a show. (37:11)

— A Planned Parenthood (that doesn’t even perform abortions) was set on fire in a possible hate crime. (42:55)

— A West Virginia lawmaker suggested he would drown his kids if they were gay. (52:12)

— Women in the military say they’re being denied birth control. (56:35)

— An 18-year-old who had never been vaccinated defied his parents and got his shots. (58:11)

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