Pete Buttigieg vs. Mike Pence

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Hemant is speaking near Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Sunday! Come watch! (0:38)

— Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas doesn’t think atheists are trustworthy. (1:34)

— An Illinois billboard welcomes Missouri women who want abortions without obstacles. (7:59)

— Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg isn’t a real Christian, say Religious Right figures who have ruined Christianity. (10:12)

Mike Huckabee blamed weak Christians for allowing gender roles to break down. (19:10)

— A now-scuttled Texas bill¬†would have punished women with the death penalty for having an abortion. (27:07)

— Ohio Republicans have signed into law an abortion ban that goes into effect before some women even know they’re pregnant. (31:21)

Lori Loughlin says God is helping her cope with the role in the college admissions scandal. (33:18)

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI broke his silence to offer horrible excuses for the Church’s sex abuse scandal. (36:10)

— The black hole! (39:47)

— The Catholic University of America wants to ban the top 200 adult websites. It won’t work. (44:41)

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