The Tragedy at Notre Dame

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The Notre Dame fire is a tragedy no matter what you think about religion. (3:00)

— Gallup says church membership is at an all-time low. (14:50)

— A preacher claims Pete Buttigieg will turn the country into a “homocracy.” (29:47)

— Evangelicals released a statement on artificial intelligence. It’s anti-gay. (41:25)

— A Christian donor said she wouldn’t give money to a fundraiser for a baby with cancer because her parents are lesbians. (46:20)

— An Ohio pastor told kids to beat him up… to teach them a lesson about Jesus. (50:04)

— The Texas House passed a radical anti-abortion bill that misleads the public. (54:35)

— The Tennessee House voted to amend its Constitution to include a shout-out to “Almighty God.” (58:50)

— Republicans are dismissing science as a “Democrat thing.” (1:01:53)

— An Italian court censored an atheist group’s perfectly fine ad. (1:03:26)

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