This Pastor Botched His Biggest Moment

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Was Pastor David Platt right or wrong to remain apolitical during a visit from Donald Trump? (0:50)

— For no scientific reasons, the Trump administration will restrict fetal tissue research. (17:00)

— This is a strange way to wage an attack on Netflix over its abortion position. (21:50)

— These people are horrible at defending a televangelist’s private jet. (29:00)

— The Catholic Church has lobbyists. Guess what they’re lobbying for? (39:15)

— We know which Democratic candidate atheists prefer the most — and it’s not Joe Biden. (43:15)

— A district attorney in Tennessee says his rejection of marriage equality changes how he prosecutes criminals. (49:49)

— An Alabama mayor says he was just joking about killing LGBTQ people. (No he wasn’t.) (55:00)

— A Catholic bishop from West Virginia spent millions of dollars on travel and gifts. (59:54)

— Creationists are mocking Flat Earthers for not understanding science. My irony meter just broke. (1:03:16)

— Nevada has decriminalized abortion! (1:05:18)

— A Sikh man with a rainbow turban won the internet. (1:06:00)

— God loves you. That’s why he might kill you. (1:07:07)

— Here’s more information about attorney Andrew Seidel‘s talk in Chicago, which Hemant will be moderating!

(Screenshot via McLean Bible Church)

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