Will Elizabeth Warren Hire a Secular Outreach Director?

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she’d consider hiring a “Secular Outreach Director” and Julián Castro says he doesn’t think atheism is a dirty word. (0:37)

— A Major League Baseball umpire under fire for his violent pro-Trump tweet also happens to run a Christian ministry. (10:03)

— The Christian Moms are furious at a commercial for period-proof underwear that featured men. (15:51)

— The company Always removed the female symbol from its sanitary pads. (20:05)

— An Italian photographer was convicted of blasphemy and ordered to pay a hefty fine. (22:15)

Pastor Greg Locke burned a book by attorney Andrew Seidel because it threatened him with education. (26:58)

— A Tennessee GOP official trashed Democrats for having a “queer running fo president.” (37:14)

— Guess why abortion rates are falling in Colorado? Hint: It has nothing to do with abortion restrictions. (39:44)

— Bible teacher Beth Moore needs to “go home” because she’s a woman, said a male Christian preacher. (44:00)

— A Republican didn’t really say women considering abortions should have to wear ankle monitors. (47:47)

— God supposedly gave this woman the winning lottery numbers. But she didn’t play them. (52:41)

— 31% of white evangelicals think Donald Trump is infallible. (55:19)

(Image via Justin Scott)

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