The Unabashed Atheist Who’s Not Afraid of Hell

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Hemant has a new YouTube channel! Have you subscribed? You should.

— Why is Attorney General Bill Barr using his platform to promote Christianity? (0:29)

— The Freedom From Religion Foundation got a lot of mileage out of its controversial Ron Reagan ad during the Democratic debate. (7:22)

— The Pew Research Center says Christianity is in “rapid” decline. (15:30)

— There’s another Hobby Lobby-linked scandal at the Museum of the Bible. (21:25)

— A church exploited the death of an atheist mother’s baby. (26:20)

— A Florida Democrat (!) wants to force public schools to offer Bible classes again. (37:48)

— These are some expensive Jesus Shoes. (41:06)

— The Catholic Church is selling “smart” rosaries. For cold hard cash. (45:32)

— A Dutch “family” has been hidden in the basement for years, apparently waiting for the end of the world. (48:52)

— Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann says climate change isn’t a problem since God said we wouldn’t be flooded… again. (54:12)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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