Chick-fil-A Infuriated Christians By Helping the Poor

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Conservative Christians are angry at Chick-fil-A for helping the poor. (0:38)

— People are very upset about a same-sex couple on a dancing¬†show. (12:35)

— A Christian Right group’s Christmas “Naughty or Nice” list reveals a lot about their priorities. (16:36)

— A Tennessee school district is getting sued over its long long history of preaching to kids. (23:40)

— A Wisconsin church won’t get a $10,000 from a city council because they bragged about converting people with it. (27:59)

— The Dallas Straight Pride Parade was a flop. (31:03)

— A Michigan college nixed the Pledge from student government meetings… then brought it back. (34:00)

Kanye West‘s appearance at Joel Osteen‘s church was underwhelming and ignorant. (37:52)

— The Ohio House passed a bill that allegedly prohibits teachers from punishing students who give a wrong answer if they did it because of religion. (53:10)

— Kansas City just banned conversion therapy! (58:33)

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