What Kanye West Should Ask Joel Osteen

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Kanye West is visiting Joel Osteen‘s megachurch. They should talk about this one issue. (1:20)

Franklin Graham, a Trump cultist with no sense of irony, says God detests lyings lips. (12:29)

— Women are “truly equal” under Trump, says Trump cultist. (15:20)

— Some Christian pregnancy centers are finally offering birth control. (21:48)

— Should science groups list job openings at anti-LGBTQ schools? (26:13)

— A Saudi Arabian ad claimed atheism was a form of extremism. (32:59)

— The U.S. has dropped significantly in global Freedom of Thought rankings. (35:06)

— Don’t visit a chiropractor. This guy learned that the hard way. (43:22)

— An author was canceled from a school appearance because she named Harvey Milk an important activist. (48:55)

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