Should Statues of White Jesus Come Down?

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— An Arizona church lied and claimed it had air filters that blocked out 99% of COVID. (2:30)

— The daughter of a Republican candidate for State House in Michigan says you should not vote for her dad. (10:44)

— Should statues of “white European” Jesus be taken down? (18:40)

— A Republican senator cited J.K. Rowling when voting against an LGBTQ rights bill. (33:38)

— Mississippi wants to replace its racist flag with a religious one. And here’s a Roman Mars video about flags! (36:30)

— A Catholic Church fired a married lesbian because it remembered how Catholicism works. (42:00)

— A couple of anti-maskers in Florida don’t want mandates that get in the way of God’s Wonderful Breathing System. (56:25)

— Five years after Obergefell, the Religious Right’s predictions never came true. (1:00:55)

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