Why Are Atheists So Widely Disliked?

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Creationist Ken Ham is building a Tower of Babel replica. (5:07)

— Conservatives are up in arms over a satirical song from a gay men’s chorus. (16:31)

— The Hobby Lobby July 4th lie-filled propaganda ad stirred up even more debate. (23:16)

— Atheists are still widely disliked. (28:26)

— A Canadian archbishop says he’s facing “persecution” over the residential school crisis. (34:03)

— The Catholic Church doesn’t have $25 million for victims of residential schools, but they found $300 million for real estate. (38:55)

— A Florida couple is suing a Catholic school, demanding a return of their major donation, because they say it’s too “woke.” (41:55)

— The founder of “Fight Church” pleaded guilty to sexual abuse. (53:56)

Kayleigh McEnany says all the “main Founding Fathers” opposed slavery… which is not even close to true. (1:00:06)

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