A Christian Hate-Preacher Was Banned on YouTube

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Christian hate-pastor Steven Anderson no longer has his YouTube channels. I may have had something to do with that… (0:48)

Pastor John MacArthur‘s church has been shut down by a judge for violating COVID rules. (13:16)

— A Hobby Lobby store urged people to vote for Trump. Now there’s a call for a boycott. (17:33)

Donald Trump released a new Supreme Court shortlist, but will anyone care? (19:32)

— A South Carolina school district lost a major church/state legal battle… but doesn’t want to accept the settlement. (28:45)

Socialists hate the Bible, according to a Christian pollster who oversimplifies everything. (32:44)

— Queensland, Australia will make priests report child abuse even if they learn about it during confession. (37:54)

Michael Cohen admitted there was a link between the Falwells’ racy photos and his endorsement of Trump. (47:09)

— A Ukrainian Orthodox Church leader who blamed COVID on gay marriage… has COVID. (55:01)

— A Brazilian gospel singer is involved in a murder case… and it gets even weirder after that. (56:38)

— Trump wants “patriotic education” in schools. But his version of that is pure indoctrination. (1:01:39)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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