The Don’t-Say-The-S-Word Baptist Convention

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— If you’re a pastor, maybe don’t use your work email to send hateful racist messages based on a hoax. (0:55)

— The Southern Baptist Convention is drifting away from the word “Southern.” (11:45)

— “Evangelicals for Social Action” is getting rid of the first word because it’s too toxic. (19:18)

Scientific American issued its first-ever endorsement for Joe Biden. Will it matter? (22:19)

— Don’t be this mom complaining about a Bible reading in your daughter’s English class. (38:00)

— Democrats can and should reach out to non-religious voters. (51:00)

— A Republican state senator who participated in a protest against climate change just lost his home due to the wildfires. (56:11)

— A California church will finally stop its indoor services. It just took a fine of $112,750. (1:00:16)

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