Can the Supreme Court be Fixed?

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— A whites-only church wants to set up shop in Minnesota. Locals aren’t having it. (2:00)

Donald Trump fell for an article on a satirical conservative website. (6:25)

— Trump needs to work on his pandering. He’s now saying only Jesus is more famous than he is. (9:27)

— Trump’s support among white evangelicals is slipping… (15:37)

— Anti-gay groups are already celebrating the eventual overturning of marriage equality. (26:46)

— Two congressmen say interracial marriages are also on the chopping block. (33:00)

— This could be a way to save the Court… but it’s not pretty. (36:20)

— Nashville authorities say they’re investigating a super-spreader event hosted by Christian preacher Sean Feucht. (42:25)

— Someone called the cops after seeing a sleeping homeless man on a bench. It was actually a statue of Jesus. (51:10)

— Anti-abortion groups are defending Trump’s use of a COVID treatment that wouldn’t have been possible without an aborted fetus. (58:18)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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