Saying Goodbye to James Randi

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— We lost a legend. Goodbye, James Randi. (0:22)

— A COVID-denying church run by Pastor John MacArthur has a COVID outbreak. (14:35)

— COVID spreader and Christian preacher Sean Feucht is hosting a massive event on the National Mall this weekend. (18:00)

Pope Francis is now a fan of civil unions. So… yay? (21:49)

— A former editor for the Christian Post says he left when they went all in for Donald Trump. (30:29)

— A Duggar daughter is breaking away from the family’s conservative ways. (38:25)

— If Joe Biden wins, the celebration will apparently involve cows. (42:20)

White evangelicals are completely out of touch with the country. (45:17)

— Christian health insurance companies are lying to you. (57:08)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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