He Rioted Because God Didn’t Tell Him Not To

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— This Christian conspiracist thinks the College Football Championship was God’s way of saying Trump will stay in power. (1:38)

— One of the arrested rioters includes an anti-gay, anti-abortion lawmaker from West Virginia. (6:04)

— A man arrested in the Capitol siege said he prayed for guidance, but God never said no. (13:00)

— We don’t need a National Hymn. (23:18)

— Help me understand this atheist running an anti-abortion group for Democrats. (28:42)

— The Irish government admitted its Catholic-run homes for unwed mothers led to 9,000 deaths. (42:38)

— Christians who prophesied Trump’s victory are doing damage control. (48:15)

— Evangelicals make up about half of Trump’s most vocal supporters. (53:28)

— A Turkish Creationist was given a thousand-year jail sentence for… everything. (57:40)

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