Southern Baptists Can’t Handle a Vegetarian’s Plea

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The rest of Willow Creek church’s leadership resigned over the Bill Hybels scandal. (0:28)

Brock Turner lost his appeal to overturn a sexual assault conviction. (16:14)

— A one-minute video promoting animal rights was too controversial for a Southern Baptist group. (20:40)

— An anti-abortion pamphlet was found inside a box of diapers. (28:30)

— An Atlanta charter school tried to avoid a Pledge of Allegiance controversy… only to get embroiled in a Pledge of Allegiance controversy. (32:25)

— A Tokyo medical school changed test scores to purposely exclude women… for years. (37:28)

— Why are people abandoning religion? Not believing in God isn’t the #1 reason. (42:10)

— Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert is rewriting history and blame atheists for wrecking his Ten Commandments monument. (52:10)

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