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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— This church staffer is super-racist. (1:29)

— A Catholic School expelled three kids after learning about their mom’s OnlyFans account. (15:40)

— Should a judge have booted a juror who said God told him about the suspect’s guilt before jury deliberations began? (22:29)

— Tennessee Republicans want rapists to have veto power over their victims’ abortions. (35:48)

Ken Ham says the Perseverance rover’s budget should’ve been spent on Creationism. (40:50

Rep. Al Green gave a stirring speech condemning Christians using God to justify their opposition to the Equality Act. (43:38)

— A Texas bishop blamed atheism for all of society’s problems. (46:18)

— A heavy metal musician from Poland is fighting back against blasphemy charges. (50:40)

— Progressive evangelicals are speaking out against Christian Nationalism, but it’s not enough. (54:50)

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