Is the White House’s Faith-Based Office a Problem?

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— Don’t worry about the White House’s faith-based office… yet. (1:08)

— A Newsweek article claimed atheists hate homeschooling because kids have to spend time with their parents. (16:48)

— Why is a Kentucky city using FEMA relief money to build a church? (26:03)

— This is what happens when a progressive church invites an anti-gay speaker. (35:34)

— Georgia GOP lawmakers want three doctors to verify the genitalia of trans kids playing sports. (48:55)

— There are very few Black atheists in America, according to a new survey. (56:28)

— South Carolina’s abortion ban is bad news but it could be worse. (1:00:00)

— Two women are getting promoted after their boss strategically decided not to elevate them when Donald Trump was in office. (1:08:28)

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