When Is It “Immoral” to Give Birth?

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Anti-trans Christians are not sure if they can support Republican Caitlyn Jenner for governor. (2:20)

— The Lutheran church just elected its first transgender bishop. (13:38)

Richard Dawkins isn’t a fan of your child with Down syndrome. (19:10)

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— Evangelist Franklin Graham wants people to get vaccinated. (53:52)

— Hindu sect in the U.S. sued for paying next-to-nothing for labor brought in from India. (1:02:07)

Ernest Angley, a hypocritical and cruel televangelist, has died. (1:05:50)

— Younger Jewish Americans are more secular than ever before, but fundamentalism is still on the rise. (1:13:40)

— Some German priests plan to bless same-sex couples in defiance of Catholic Church policy. (1:18:57)

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