What Makes a “Good” Atheist?

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Sinéad O’Connor says ripping up a picture of the former pope on Saturday Night Live back in 1992 was the right move. (3:09)

— Another Christian rock star is leaving evangelicalism. (12:43)

— A priest wants to know if we’re “good” atheists. What does that even mean? (20:42)

— A social justice activist said he was related to Robert E. Lee. That’s not true. Now what? (36:40)

— A furniture seller hides tiny crosses in pieces to bless everyone’s homes. Is this harmless or a problem? (46:49)

— If Southern Baptists are praising your work, you’ve done something horribly wrong. (51:55)

— The White House met with atheist group leaders. Is that significant or merely symbolic? (1:02:35) 

— Tennessee has mandated signs about transgender bathroom use. (1:10:03)

— In England, COVID death rates are lower for people with no religion. (1:15:40)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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