Why is Willow Creek Still Defending Its Founder?

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Utah’s governor¬†thinks a weekend of prayer will fix a drought. (1:02)

— A Virginia teacher refuses to use trans kids’ pronouns. The district punished him. Now he’s suing. (9:15)

— A high school football player had to eat pork, which violates his faith, as punishment. (17:20)

— Pastors at Willow Creek still won’t condemn the church’s abusive founder. (24:05)

— A Tennessee hat shop owner created Star of David patches bragging about not being vaccinated. They did not go over well. (37:32)

— Is Russell Moore a hero for condemning the Southern Baptist Convention? (41:05)

— An atheist leader in Kenya resigned after saying he converted to Christianity. (50:02)

— After spreading COVID lies, Rick Wiles appears to have COVID. (55:22)

— The remains of 215 children were found at a Catholic-run residential school in Canada. (58:45)

— This Texas valedictorian used her speech to denounce anti-abortion laws. (1:06:00)

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