GOP Senator Opposes Sabbath-Day Voting

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— Republican senator Cindy Hyde-Smith opposes Sunday voting because that’s the Sabbath Day. (0:42)

Franklin Graham infuriated Christians after urging them to get vaccinated. (8:40)

— Half of Republican men say they won’t get vaccinated, but their family members are trying to change their minds. (13:11)

— A Christian doesn’t want Robert E. Lee High School to change its name because Jesus didn’t oppose slavery. (16:34)

Ted Cruz says liberals get angry over “thoughts and prayers” because they hate God. (19:35)

— Will suing the Mormon Church for fraud work? (22:31)

— Australian politicians are having sex in the Parliament prayer room. (31:15)

— Should the government remove roadside memorial crosses? (36:01)

— A survivor of the Colorado shooting returned to the scene to declare that Jesus won. (46:40)

— Panera Bread is being sued for religious discrimination by a Pagan employee. (52:54)

— An Arkansas law would allow Christian doctors to refuse service to trans people. (1:01:34)

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