Stop Asking for Religious Exemptions to Mask Mandates

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Pat Robertson says he’ll live to 120. (4:08)

— These parents want their kid to have a religious exemption to mask mandates and his school isn’t having any of it. (10:08)

— A pastor accidentally admitted from jail that there’s a second assault victim. (14:44)

— An 8-year-old boy was charged with blasphemy in Pakistan. (20:13)

— Anti-LGBTQ bigotry may be driving young evangelical Christians away from their churches. (25:07)

— A Russian woman sued McDonalds for tempting her so much, she broke her fast during Lent. (33:11)

— A Florida pastor is pushing for more vaccinations after 6 people died of COVID in under two weeks. (35:16)

— A Giant Christian Cross went up in Mississippi for $240,000. (40:35)

— The One Angry Mom is mad at Gonzo for wearing a dress. (45:45)

— Christian radio host Jesse Lee Peterson thinks AOC wanted to get assaulted during the insurrection. (49:40)

— A “conversion therapy” group owes $3.5 million for ignoring a court order. (57:26)

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