Anti-Vax Christians Are Finally Facing Consequences

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— The Supreme Court’s abortion case. (1:30)

Marcus Lamb, the head of a major Christian TV network that spread COVID lies, died of COVID. (13:45)

Eric Metaxas, another anti-vax Christian, has COVID too. (20:25)

— Baptisms are getting cooler. As if that was the thing that churches needed to fix. (33:55)

— You don’t have to defend Josh Duggar even if you’re a conservative Christian. (38:11)

— The American Humanist Association’s new leader represents a shift in how atheism appears to the public. (45:26)

Richard Dawkins is once again promoting anti-trans bigotry. (50:58)

— A Christian hate group is whining to the Supreme Court about being called a “hate group.” (1:02:15)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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