Interview with Thomas Smith, host of “Serious Inquiries Only” and “Opening Arguments”

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In this solo episode (Jessica will be back next week), Hemant interviewed Thomas Smith, host of multiple podcasts that discuss science, atheism, philosophy, and the law.

They include “Serious Inquiries Only,” a show that goes in-depth on topics concerned science and skepticism, “Opening Arguments,” with co-host Andrew Torrez, which takes complex legal issues in the news and breaks them down in an accessible and entertaining way, and “Philosophers in Space,” which uncovers and explains the philosophy behind your favorite works of sci-fi.

We spoke about the right-ward shift of big-name atheists, why so many skeptics seem to be pushing conservatives arguments, and what the best strategies are to counter that misinformation.

Because we spoke about so many different issues, timestamps were a bit tough to mark, but I hope you find this conversation as worthwhile as I did.

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