The Invalid Baptisms

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Catholic priest resigned for the dumbest (but strangely consequential) reason. (2:17)

— LDS leader Brad Wilcox’s racist comments have caused chaos among Mormons. (8:13)

— A public school Bible teacher in TN told students “how to torture a Jew.” (18:52)

— WV teachers told kids to attend a religious revival during the school day. (31:41)

— The evangelical ‘dissenters’ trying to ‘save’ the faith have their own problems. (42:26)

— Missouri’s governor said he only nominates people with “Christian values” to positions of power. (57:36)

— A Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate urged rape victims to be “heroic” and give birth. (1:01:19)

— A nun was sentenced to prison after stealing $835,000 from Catholic school to go gambling. (1:05:21)

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